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  • Owners: legal owners of apartment in the residence and their direct family members
  • Residents: Those who stay at an apartment in the residence for at least the preceding or following night
  • Visitors: Those who visit owners and/or residents but don't stay at an apartment in the residence for at least the preceding or following night

We kindly request residents and/or their visitors no to:

  • create disturbing noise, such as wearing of high heel shoes, dragging furnitures, barking of dog left alone or not, and including the use of any equipment such as radio, television, hi-fi equipment etc., smells, vibrations, etc. Disturbing noise is strictly forbidden during nightly hours (22.00h - 8.00h).
  • modify anything that affects the exterior of the apartment buildings, including the entrances, windows, walls, paint, awnings, terraces, etc. This includes attaching anything to any outside walls permanently, except lighting and authorized awnings.
  • install awnings and parasols other than the types and colours approved by the Assemblée Générale.
  • install or to leave anything in any common area, except for door-mats approved by the Assemblée Générale. Entrances, hallways, and visitor parkings should never be used to park bicycles, motor bikes, buggies or to leave toys.
  • install any signs, panels, posters, etc on any outside window or wall of their apartments, with the exception of temporary signs indicating that an apartment is for sale
  • smoke in the common areas of buildings A, B, C, and D, in the garages and cellars, and in the designated pool area
  • dispose of garbage in any other than the designated areas.
  • beat carpets, floor mats, etc at any other than the pre-set times determined by City Ordinance
  • temper fire extinguishers. If a fire extinguisher is used, the Syndic should be advised within 24 hours so that the extinguisher be recharged for further use.
  • leave food for birds, squirrels or other wild animals
  • bring or store any dangerous or smelly materials in(to) their apartments, garages and cellars
  • rent out or permit the use of any garages or cellars to anyone not being an owner or tenant of the property
  • put anything permanent on their terraces and in their private gardens other than regular garden furniture and plants. Terraces and private gardens should never become a depository of any kind
  • put plants or any other objects on the edges of terraces or windows and in other dangerous areas. They should never be put in areas where the plants or their soil could dirty the property of owners at underlying apartments. All owners will be held responsible for damage, caused by their belongings, to co-owners' properties.
  • turn (part of) their private gardens into vegetable gardens, or to build dog kennels (or similar) in these gardens
  • have or take any other animals than pets
  • have or take pets that could disturb other co-owners through their noise, smell or physical aggression. Pets are not allowed in any public areas (including common gardens) unless they are leashed. Even when leashed, pets are not allowed in the designated pool area
  • clean balconies/terraces with running water between 7.00h and 22.00h, except on rainy days, in order to avoid that dirty water ruins awnings, chairs, etc at underlying terraces, or private gardens
  • leave laundry on terraces and in private gardens except for small temporary and low (lower than terraces handrail) portable laundry dryer rack that shall be removed immediately after use
  • install or use individual TV or radio antennas on terraces and in private gardens
  • allow children to play in the common areas of buildings A, B, C, and D, in the garages, cellars, parkings and vehicle access roads. Playing ball games or riding bicycles, rolling boards, roller skates, go-karts or other rolling devices, on parkings and vehicle access roads is prohibited (but permitted in the common garden area). Playing with toys that create disturbing noises is forbidden in any common area
  • unaccompanied children under 12 years old to use the elevators
  • park their vehicle anywhere on the common property (besides the undergound garages), except for loading and unloading vehicles. In the latter case, parking is only allowed for a period up to 15 minutes. Visitors (not owners or residents) and disabled people are allowed to use the designated parking spaces in front of building A, but are absolutely not allowed to park anywhere else on the property
  • use barbecues and/or grills on terraces, in private gardens, and in common areas;

It is mandatory for owners:

  • inform residents and their visitors of the rules stated in this Reglement d'Ordre Interieur, the Règlement de Copropriété, and the Règlement d'Utilisation de la Piscine, and to inform them that these rules apply to them as well. Each owner is at all times responsible for his residents and/or visitors, including any damages to the common area and consequences of abusive use.

It is mandatory for owners, residents and/or their visitors:

  • ensure that all entry gates and doors to the property, as well as the doors to buildings A, B, C and D, and the internal doors from the garage to buildings A and B, are always properly closed after entering or leaving the property.
  • take proper and regular care of plants and/or trees that they have put on terraces, and in their private gardens in accordance with the heights specified by the Assemblée Générale and the Règlement de Copropriété
  • have pets leashed at all times, and to remove their pets' droppings
  • leave the keys of their apartment with a resident of l'Emeraude du Cap, someone in the direct vicinity, or the Syndic during periods of absence exceeding one month, and to inform the syndic of the person who possesses the keys. The afore mentioned resident or Syndic will be allowed to enter the apartment in case of an emergency, after the owners approval
  • inform the syndic and neighbours of any repair or maintenance activities within their apartment that could generate disturbance to other co-owners. In any case, work shall only be carried out from Mondays to Fridays, 8.00h to 18.00h

Swimming pool and pool area:

  • it is mandatory for owners, residents and/or their visitors to respect the rules as applied to, and displayed at the swimming pool, including its opening hours
  • Owners and residents can use the swimming pool. Visitors accompanied by owners can use the pool and pool area as well. Residents cannot bring visitors
  • All chairs and loungers used in common areas and around the pool have to be of the modesl/type as defined by the Conseil Syndical and are only permitted under the condition that they are removed every evening or immediately after use. Owners, residents and/or their visitors are not allowed to use their chairs and towels to reserve spaces around the swimming pool
  • it is not allowed to bring and/or use glasses, bottles etc. to the swimming pool that are made of fragile materials
  • The opening hours of the swimming pool are from 07:00h to 08:00h (silent swimming only) and from 08:00h to 21:30h
  • Owners, residents and/or their visitors will vacate the pool area when cleaning or maintenance takes place
  • The swimming pool will be heated from the weekend prior to the weekend of Easter until the weekend after October 30th of every year

Vehicle access on the emergency lane east of building C and D

Vehicle access to buildings C and D through the emergency lane east of those buildings is permitted on an exceptional basis but reserved for the residents of buildings C and D. Residents are obliged to ensure that this reservation is respected by their visitors and service providers. Residents using this facility must strictly respect the interests of other residents and, in particular, it is not allowed:

    1. to use the access with any vehicle outside the hours of opening and maintenance of the swimming pool (from 07:00h to 21:30h)
    2. to park any vehicle in this area for more than 10 minutes and only for emergency, incapacity, infirmity, heavy loads or any other clearly justifiable circumstances. The engine of the parked vehicle must be switched off;
    3. to give permission to any non-resident to use this vehicle access except to allow for the case of a person incapacitated by old age or infirmity . In such a case all the other regulations contained herein apply;
    4. to use any vehicle such has motor bikes, etc., which, by exceptional noise or otherwise, are likely to disturb residents;

It is emphasized that this vehicle access must be used exceptionally for emergency, incapacity, infirmity, heavy loads or other similar justifiable circumstances as detailed above .

It is agreed that, if significant and continuing breaches of these regulations should occur, the Conseil Syndical will specifically consider whether such access should be discontinued and will report their conclusions to the following AG .

The Conseil Syndical is authorized to take appropriate interim action to be ratified by the following AG.

If there is a conflict between these regulations and others dealing with the matters included herein, these regulations shall prevail .


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