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Owners info

Due to french privacy laws I can only mention residents' names and email addresses after their approval. Please send an email with the relevant info to Frans van den Boorn and your name/email address will be added.

If you intend to send an email to one of the owners mentioned, please replace the characters AT by the @ sign!


A1    unknown 

A2    Mr &Mrs Smyth              michaelATsmyth156.fsnet.co.uk

A3    Mr & Mrs  Scott             alanscottATianscott.com

A4    unknown

A5    Mr & Mrs Mentuccia        luca.mentucciaATaccenture.com

A6    unknown 

A7    Mr & Mrs Babbaro           familyATbabbaro.com

A8    unknown

A9    Mr Thomas                    pmt_capstoneAThotmail.com

A10  Mr & Mrs Fenton             ttfentonATyahoo.com 


B1    Mr & Mrs Gierman           mjgiermanAThome.nl

B2    Mr & Mrs van den Boorn  fvandenboornATtelfort.nl

B3    Mr & Mrs Beausang         patrickbeausangATyahoo.co.uk

B4    unknown

B5    Mr & Mrs Wolff               dominique.wolffATclub-internet.fr

B6    Mr & Mrs Roche              johnroche72ATeircom.net

B7    unknown

B8    Mr & Mrs Lund              jluATthommessen.no

B9    Mr Monfredi                   stephen.monfrediATmontysofsheffield.co.uk

B10  unknown

B11  Mr & Mrs Melskens           bmelskensAThotmail.com

B12  unknown

B13  unknown

B14  unknown

B15  unknown

B16  unknown

B17  unknown

B18  unknown

B19  unknown

B20  Mr Steenstrup                 morten.steenstrupATsteenstrup.no



C1    unknown

C2    Mr & Mrs Braun

C3    unknown

C4    unknown

C5    unknown

C6    Mr & Mrs Wolf                dominique.wolffATclub-internet.fr

C7    Mr & Mrs Roche              johnroche72ATeircom.net

C8    unknown

C9    unknown

C10  unknown



D1    Unknown

D2    unknown

D3    unknown

D4    Mr & Mrs Wolf                dominique.wolffATclub-internet.fr

D5    unknown

D6    unknown

D7    unknown   

D9    Mr & Mrs Mahon              seanpmahonAThotmail.com

D10  Not available





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